Pranu Muttedu

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Pranu Muttedu - Goni

Pranu Muttedu-Goni

A few kilometres away from the village Goni, in the south-eastern part of Sardinia it is possible to admire one of the most important sites of the interior of the island. The area of the park is about 200.000 m2 and has some of the most important monuments of Sardinian prehistory. The excavations, conducted by the archeologist Enrico Atzeni in the 80s, have brought to light a large number of items of different typology and shape which date back to the recent stone age (Ozieri culture, 3200-2800 B.C.) The numerous graves and menhirs make one think of a site with tombs and religious purposed connected whit the cult of ancestors. There are about sixty menhirs distributed all over the park in couples, alines and in groups. The monumental regroupment is situaded in a wood of ancient oak trees and scrub vegetation.  In the park there are bathrooms, pic-nik area and cafeteria.

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