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Nurri is situated between the Sardinian regions Sarcidano and Barbagia of Seulo. There is a high number of valuable churches in this territory, their value has both artistic and architectonic aspects. Saint Michele Church is characterized mostly because of its singular XXVI° century bell tower, which lies isolated in the wide parvis of the church. There are other religious buildings representing a very interesting attraction from a historical and touristic point of view: the rural church of Saint Rosa, which stands next to the Franciscan friary, the Church of Saint Maria Maddalena (fondly called Santa Mariedda), the Church of Saint Luigi Gonzaga, Saint Antonio from Padova, Saint Giovanni Battista. 


Institutional Website of the Municipality:

Municipality: Corso Italia 138 - 0782 849005, fax 0782 849597 -

Carabinieri: Via Aldo Moro,10 – 0782849696

Traffic Police: Corso Italia 138 - 0782 849005/6 Fax: 0782 849597 -


What to see: 

The touristic offer of Nurri is interesting and varied. The up-built area has some aragonese-gothic churches of 1600. In this territory there are many archaeological treasures: domus de janas, the corridor nuraghes Corongiu 'e Maria and Tànnara, the nuraghe Santu Perdu near to the homonymous country church, and the complex nuraghe Is Cangialis which represents a unique monument for its beautiful position, standing on the upland of Taccu ‘e Nurri, towering above the river Flumendosa Valley, Isili, Nurri and Villanovatulo and the ruins of the ancient Roman town Biora.

In ancient times Nurri was well-known for the production of millstones (sa mola). Nowadays the craftwork sector  of wood, iron and stone still drive the economy. Among the Sardinian dairy farming, the shepherds cooperative of Nurri, is one of the most renowned. 

Where to stay: 

Hotel Istellas - Centro Nautico lago Flumendosa
Loc. Pitzu Tuvudu - 08035 - Nurri (CA)


Società di Navigazione dei Laghi srl
Via Carducci, 5 09038 Serramanna
Tel +39 3470468276

Unione Pastori
Società Cooperativa agricola
Z.I. Taccu, 08035, Nurri, CA
Fax 0782 849513



  • C/o Complesso Dedoni
       Via Igola Zona Industriale Casic
       09030, Elmas (CA) - Italy
  • Phone: +39 0702110432
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The Consortium was established with the aim of promoting the territory and the companies of Sarcidano and Barbagia of Seulo, and of programming actions for the integrated development of tourism industry. The Consortium gathers 12 municipalities (Orroli, Nurri, Siurgus Donigala, Goni, Serri, Isili, Nurallao, Esterzili, Seulo, Sadali, Villanovatulo, Escolca) and 14 private associates...