Museo per l'Arte del Rame e del Tessuto

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The museum is situated in the former Scolopi monastery.

It was opened in August 2000, and it presents two important traditions of the local arts and crafts: the coppersmiths and  weaving.

A visit to the museum takes place on the two floors of the old monastery of the 17th century, the most important building of the town. A careful restauration has evaluated its historical and artistic characteristics.

An enchanting atmosphere is created by the beautiful frames  of local white limestone that surround the windows and arches leading to the outside, or that open and close the long corridors. 

This is a unique museum: in fact, it is the only museum of copper in Sardinia. It tells how in a dark and shady

environment, that is the workshop of a coppersmith,  light and sunny objects are created that have united for centuries their perfect functionality with a high aesthetic value

To learn about their creation and the phases of development, together with the adventurous life of the travelling copper-sellers – guardians of their mysterious idiom “s'arromanisca”  opens the door to a chapter of the history of the most authentic Sardinia. But not enough so.

The section about weaving holds a big surprise even for those who know the Sardinian weaving well.  A treasure of emotions, given by thirty marvellous wall-carpets  woven by expert hands, using threads of gold,  silver,  copper,  linen and  wool,  raffia and  cord, hand-coloured with traditional   herbs and essences. They reveal the capacity of an artistic project at very high levels that unites tradition and innovation in a miracle of balance and of style.

The recent project of sonorization of the museum gives  musical support to the objects and to the scientific subjects. Musical memories, typical sounds, their local languages and melodies accompany the visitor on his/her travel into the past; one feels as if sitting in the main street of a village, during   summer,  with open windows all around that let us listen to the sounds and the memories of the place.

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