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Scopri i beni archeologici del Consorzio Turistico dei Laghi, in Sardegna, un immenso patrimonio storico-culturale fatto di imponenti Nuraghe, tra i più imponenti di tutto l’occidente europeo, e suggestivi siti archeologici.

Nuraghe Is Paras

Phase I  Single-Tower Nuraghe     15.-14. cent. BC

The oldest phase of the monument probably goes back to the Medium Bronze Age, when it is built as a single tower without any additional element and without a surrounding wall.

Santuario Nuragico Santa Vittoria

The sacredness of the place lasted until the Christian Era, as the construction of the little church which has a probable Byzantine plan and is devoted to Santa Vittoria or Santa Maria della Vittoria, attests.The saint who gives her name to the site is celebrated by masses, pilgrimages and festivals every year on 11th September.  In the large archaelogical complex it is possible to observe the evolution of the Nuragic Civilisation.


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